Families Change Parent Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Federal Child Support Guidelines

Children need financial support from their parents – and they have a legal right to it. When parents separate or divorce, they should try to agree on the amount of child support. If they ask a court to decide, the court will use guidelines to determine child support payments. The Federal Child Support Guidelines are a set of rules and tables used to determine child support when parents divorce. They are the law.


FAQs About Custody and Access

Frequently asked questions about custody orders and visiting the children, as well as parenting orders and agreements.


FAQs About Support Enforcement

Frequently asked questions about the Family Support Orders Service.


FAQs about Other Family Law Issues

Frequently asked questions about family violence and its effects on the family, including during separation or divorce.


FAQs about Representing Yourself

Frequently asked questions about representing yourself in court.


How Can I Reduce the Impact of Separation on the Children?

To a large extent, the way a separation affects the children depends on how the parents manage their relationships after the separation. This video produced by Family Law New Brunswick can help.


What Should I Know About Filing In Family Law Forms?

A short video that explains how to fill in forms accurately and the importance of doing so.


How Do I Start A Family Law Action for a Matter Other Than Divorce?

This video explains the process of going to a Court Clerk’s office and steps you must follow to start an action.


How Does a Judge Decide When Parents Do Not Agree on Custody and Access?

A video explaining the various factors a judge takes into account when making decisions involving access and custody of your child.


Parenting After Separation

A collection of videos that deal with both the legal and emotional aspects of separation as they relate to children.


Completing and Printing Forms

Instructions for filling out and printing court forms and other related documents.


Family Law Forms (New Brunswick)

Links to, and instructions for filling out, forms used to apply for things such as custody, access and child support.


A Self-Help Guide for Applying for Custody, Access and Support in New Brunswick


New Brunswick Child Support Variation Kit


A Self-Help Guide for Completing Your Income Statement and Finance Information


Doing Your Own Divorce in New Brunswick


Checklist for Doing Your Own Divorce


Child Support


Spousal Support


When Couples Separate – Rights and Responsibilities


Family Support Orders Service


Family Law Services Fact Sheet


Domestic Contracts


Marital Property in New Brunswick


Parenting: Rights and Responsibilities of Young Parents


Living Common-Law: Rights and Responsibilities


Family Law Matters for Immigrants


Crisis Planning and Counseling for Parents with Shared Custody

Information and guidance for parents going through separation during the COVID-19 crisis from a counsellor's perspective (note: American resource).